The Secret of Ada’s Wisdom

As per the 2016 report by UNESCO Institute for Statistics & Global Education monitoring, India has 47 million children dropping out of school every year. Poverty is the primary reason. When a family is struggling to make ends meet, the child’s education takes a backseat. Another prominent reason is the parents mind set – when a child reaches the age of ten or eleven, he or she is often considered to be suitable for induction into child labour.

This inspired my book “The Secret of Ada’s Wisdom”, first published in 2017

The storyline revolves around a young girl, Ada, who develops life skills like self-esteem and confidence, helping her to deal with a crisis, because she goes to school every day.

Through this book I hope to motivate children to study and dream big. It has been distributed free of cost to all the schools where we have carried out our projects of “Yearn to Learn” and “Bags, Books and Blessings”.

Apart from encouraging the children, this book also carries a message for parents who may not give much importance to education and are often instrumental in their children dropping out from school.

If is my most fervent belief that hopes, dreams and a better future are all woven into the fundamental right and need for children’s education.