Every child loves something new and while new school supplies for some children are as routine as a new school year, many children in our society, go even without the basics.

When I started Bags, Books and Blessing in 2015, an initiative that collects re-usable school supplies, I was surprised at how many teenagers, like myself, supported it.

My school and school friends were the first to join me in the cause and soon other schools in Bangalore joined us as well.

Before we knew it, we were flooded with reusable school supplies like bags, textbooks, notebooks, uniforms, shoes, paint boxes, lunch boxes, water bottles and stationary from schools that had surplus supplies and wished to donate them to children who needed them the most.

Over the last five years, through Bags, Books and Blessings, we have provided study material to 15,325 students in over 27 schools.

The activities of Bags, Books and Blessings not only equip children with the basic tools they need to study but also give them the confidence to succeed.

What most donors love about this initiative is, something that was being wasted before is reused for a good cause.

The smiles of innocent children, proudly heading to school are an added bonus!

Learn more on What We Do, watch our fun-filled Activities over the last 5 years, and the Impact we’ve had.


Bags, Books & Blessings Featured as a Chapter in a School Textbook for Grade 6

what we do

We campaign at the end of every academic year to create awareness about our donation drives.

By the last day of school, we have a huge pile of donated items.

We load these items into a truck and carry them to our storage centre.

Principal D’Mello Sir seeing off the truck.

The items are checked, cleaned and sorted.

They are then segregated and packed in neat bags.

The items are then loaded back in trucks and transported to schools

The items are offloaded at school

We form a human chain to transport the items and have a lot of fun in the process!

Our Magic Shows are a big hit with the school kids and helps us to instantly connect with them!

The kids have nicknamed me “Magic Akka” and I love the sound of it!