Breakthrough Junior Challenge

I love Physics and I love the challenge of bringing to life a complex concept of Physics in an engaging, illuminating and imaginative manner through a 3-minute video. Have fun watching my videos!

Breakthrough Junior Challenge 2018

Gravity is the only fundamental force of nature which is not yet completely understood. I have always wondered how gravity can work over large distances between objects that are not connected to each other at all. This fascination brought me to Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity and the concept of Spacetime. I poured over books and videos for hours on end before I could get a smattering of understanding of gravity and even then, it was always so difficult to visualize. Most videos show ball-on-a-trampoline analogy to explain how gravity works and yet somehow, I never found it good enough. This inspired me to build a device that I call the Spacetime Grid over a period of nearly 3-4 months. Umpteen trials of size, shape, materials, motors, pulleys went into this and the result is seen in my video.

My video won the Popular Vote Contest and received more than 25000 votes on the Breakthrough Facebook page.

Breakthrough Junior Challenge 2017

The origin of the universe is another fascinating topic and I am sure all of us have at some time wondered how it all started and how it might end one day. Unfortunately, none of my textbooks provide these answers and so I have been watching YouTube videos about the universe for many, many years.

Amongst various topics, I find dark energy fascinating because we know so little about it yet it holds so many possibilities for explaining the future of our universe. Particularly, I find the density of dark energy interesting because it is such a small number, yet plays such a vital role in the formation of our universe. I am hoping to become a theoretical physicist one day and help solve some of the mysteries of our universe. This video is a small attempt towards that.