My 3-day modelling career.

I had never thought that I would be an international model, being all of 5 feet 2 inches and possessing a body type that hardly even cast a shadow. But even in the midst of cerebral pursuits, can arise a Naomi Campbell. Or so I imagined.

Having won the Diana Legacy award in 2017 for my contribution to children’s education, I was invited to London in 2018 for a 3-day photo shoot for their awareness campaign.

What teenager can resist a little fame?! So, I bought myself a pair of oversized sunglasses, attempted to get myself an unlisted phone number and referred to myself in the third person, until Nikhiya was reminded that there would be no Saturday night sleepover for Nikhiya unless Nikhiya rolled straight off the vanity mirror and got Nikhiya to clean her room and take out the garbage!

At London, I was appointed as the bespectacled, demure, face of India and following a rigorous shooting schedule, the campaign was launched across Europe and Canada in media such as BBC, Global News Canada, Edinburg Evening News and various local billboards. 

Sadly, the fame did not quite stick.

Beyond my loyal grand parents that kept cuttings of the campaign and my best friend who kept the Double Decker cookie tin from Harrods, my modelling career remained the spark that shone the brightest before it went out completely!

Why I am fighting for Education in India?