Aristotle, in spite of all his philosophical insights, made one glaringly absurd observation, that men were superior to women because they (men) had more teeth. While this did nothing for Aristotle’s career in dentistry, it gave me a goal at an early age.

Armed with a quick check of facts from my biology book with enough outrage for a 13-year-old and thanks to crowdfunding, “way more donor money than I should have at that age” (to quote my DAD), I founded my non-profit ‘Women Have The Same Set Of Teeth As Men’ in 2015.

Sadly, the notion of gender superiority is still intensely relevant in our patriarchal society, where we live amongst several highly educated “Aristotles” who consider women inferior.

‘Women Have The Same Set Of Teeth As Men’ is my way of reinforcing the strength and confidence of today’s women. Women who want to change, not just how the world looks at their daughters, but also what their sons think of the opposite sex.

My non-profit is duly registered with the Government of India and all donations are tax deductible. I have filed my tax returns for the last 4 years.

The foremost tool of change is education and under this voluntary non-profit, we run two education related projects – Yearn to Learn and Bags, Books & Blessings